Collectors from around the world are posting photos of their beloved Ulla Darni art pieces online. Explore the photos
below and please add your own photos to the community based at We are seeking favorite images and
installations to include in a forthcoming retrospective book on Ulla’s work and life.


Ulla's Flickr Group  visit Ulla's flickr group to add your work onto the site.

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From the private collection of the Kovals, 42" Original AbstractUlla Darni Chandelier @ Mercy Regional Breast Care CenterUlla Darni Pendants @ Mercy Regional Breast Care CenterUlla Darni ChandelierCone in the home of Ulla DarniUlla Darni ChandelierUllaDarni4
Toscano Restaurant - Bostonmo_pendantlanternsmo_pooltablelamp_view1mo_pooltablelamp_view2Toscano Restaurant - BostonDSC02725.jpgDSC02727.jpg