1. Do you offer an empty custom made box if the original one is missing? How much is it? 

One reason we suggest that clients retain their original packing is because creating each carton requires substantial time and materials.  A replacement box requires a full set of iron and glass identical to each client’s piece, so the custom blown foam will match up perfectly.  On average, it costs us $90-$130 to create each carton, plus shipping.



2. What is the best way of packing a chandelier if its original box is missing? 

We recommend triple-wrapping the glass in 1’’ bubble wrap, placing it into a ‘nest’ of crushed paper or ‘peanuts’, then adding soft foam along the edges of the bowl and at the top of the box.



3. How do you take care of/clean a chandelier?

The step-by-step instructions are now on our website here.  Inside cleaning is done with a dry, lint-free cloth or a soft bristle vacuum attachment.



4. How does one clean the iron work?

 The iron work can be perfectly maintained by rubbing it every 6 months with light machine oil [hardware store item] or an olive oil.  The oil removes any light rust and prevents more from forming; and should be applied with an oil-dampened [not dripping], clean cotton cloth.


The best practice will be for the chandelier to be taken down and put aside during the process.  If this is not practical and you must apply the oil with the glass in place, place a piece of bubble wrap [or clean cloth] in the bowl before wiping the iron to prevent oil from dripping onto the glass.



5. What type of light bulbs can be used with the chandelier? 

Most 40W bulb types are fine, but not halogen or sodium vapor.  We like the way neodymium bulbs show the work, but full-spectrum fluorescents and incandescents are preferred by some collectors.



6. What are the sizes and prices of the chandeliers? 

Chandelier diameters are offered in 2’’ increments, from 24’’ to 42’’.  Larger sizes are 48’’, 54’’ and 60’’.  Pricing varies by size and complexity.  Multiple Original pricing will be on our website soon.



7. What is the current value of the chandelier that I own?

As with all artists, we cannot appraise our own work; however, we are always happy to furnish statements of current pricing.



8. Does our company ship overseas? 

Yes, we regularly ship abroad.



9. Does Ulla create other things besides what is online? 

Ulla is always creating.  Some items are made for the pleasure of creating them and others are developed into company offerings.



10. What is the difference between a Multiple Original and Original Chandelier? 

All Original work is designed and painted by Ulla personally.  All Multiple Original work is painted by one of our talented artists, using Ulla’s designs.



11. What is the difference between ironwork for a Multiple Original chandelier and an Original chandelier? 

The standard ironwork for all chandeliers is of identical design, though each element of the iron for Original work is hand-hammered, resulting in its distinctive texture.


Multiple Original Ironwork  Original Ironwork




12. What measurements should the client use to determine the desired drop height for their chandelier?

Drop Height Measurement



13.What are S-Hooks?

Hand forged iron pieces that are used with traditional ironwork or ceiling mounts, to extend the length between ceiling cap and hanging system.  The S-Hooks are approximately 6” long, however, when two are hooked together they measure approximately 11”.  S Hooks are not included in the hanging system. 

S-hook measurements


14. Can a chandelier/lamp be duplicated to the one I already own... ? 

While no two pieces of painted glass are identical, Ulla and our artists regularly create work to ‘match’ existing pieces.




Please click here for a printable version.


If you require additional information or if your question was not listed, please contact us directly and we will be glad to assist you.