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Inspired by CoSM celebration with Alex Grey

August 2, 2015 (0) Comments

We recently shared a beautiful celebration with our friends/fellow artists, Alex and Allyson Grey, at their CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) in New York.


Reasons for the gathering of hundreds of members and guests included the unveiling of two Ulla Darni art chandeliers installations.  One, a pattern called Dakini, is became the new illumination point in their Mushroom Café.  The other, an original luminescent masterpiece, called, “World’s View,” adorns the main entry point into the art sanctuary and church.


This gift between artists is another example of their mutual admiration, shared quest for beauty and meaning.

Among those in attendance was friend, and famed Brazilian anthropologist Luis Eduardo Luna, whose work on the nature of realities is awe inspiring. 


Of course, CoSM itself is an inspiration, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey have created an artistic and spiritual marvel.  Their collaboration began with performance art and has evolved into visionary work that is enjoyed by millions. The CoSM temple, under construction, will inspire all to realize their connection with everyone and everything.  Friends for nearly 15 years, Alex, like Ulla, paints what he sees from within. Please explore some of Alex and Allyson’s remarkable work at www.cosm.org.

Now, for a limited time, a reproduction of Ulla’s glass painting/chandelier, “World’s View”, will be available to collectors as a spectacular signed and numbered print on aluminum. Only 50 will be produced. View the details at our Shop Online.

Ulla showing a 24" x24" print on aluminum of "World's View"

Ulla showing off a 24″ x24″ print on aluminum of “World’s View”

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